You Should Hire a Lawyer Immediately as Time is of the Essence in Your Case  

Barker Law Group will zealously defend you in this matter. You are not alone as many people feel overwhelmed when they receive a citation for a DUI in Georgia. You may be tempted to take any  offer proposed by the prosecutor simply to move on from the entire ordeal. However, that is the worst mistake that you can make. Additionally, you have 30 days to request an administrative hearing  to appeal the suspension of your license. You need to hire an attorney immediately.   

Your license could be suspended before you have the opportunity to defend yourself in court. The automatic license suspension is an completely separate issue than the court proceedings. You are responsible for requesting the hearing to avoid automatically losing your legal right to drive for up to one year.

It is important to remember that an arrest does not always amount to a conviction--even if your blood alcohol level tested over the legal limit.  Barker Law Group will analyze all aspects of your case to determine what defenses are applicable and if any challenges can be raised against the State's evidence. However, each case is unique with its own set of circumstances and facts, which will determine our defense and how we will strategically approach your case. 

If you've been arrested for DUI, please act fast. The first step is hiring an attorney as this is not a matter than you should combat alone. 

"At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice he is the worst."  


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DUI Defense

This is my first DUI. Can I be sentenced with jail time? 

​If you opt to plea, you will likely get probation, one year suspended license,  and up to $1,000 in fines. Additionally, you will probably be ordered to attend an alcohol education program. You may qualify for a limited permit if your lawyer submitted a " 30 Day Letter" in your case and it prevented your license from being suspended. You may be required to spend at least 24 hours in jail but up to 10 days is not unusual along with 40 hours of community service as the minimum. DUI Defense in Lawrenceville Criminal Defense in Lawrenceville Barker Law Group in Lawrenceville

When will the license suspension hearing (ALS) take place?

The hearing must take place within 90 days of your arrest.  

How can you defend my case?

At the ALS hearing, we will defend you by fighting to obtain a determination that there is not enough evidence to suspend your license. Overall, we will raise questions on how the evidence against you was acquired, the accuracy of the field sobriety, blood or breath tests, and whether your rights were violated.  

What consequences am I facing with a second DUI conviction?

In Georgia, you are facing jail time, driver's licenses suspension for up to 18 months, 240 hours of community service, court fees and other costs, and installation of an ignition interlock device in your car. The interlock device penalty will be imposed after your jail sentence is complete and the Department of Driver Services reinstates your right to drive.