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You Need a Lawyer on Your Side


Unfortunately, there are serious auto and trucking accidents which occur every minute of every day in the United States according to the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA).  But the injuries, pain and suffering, and overall damages can remain long after the accident is cleaned up and your vehicle is hauled away.  Your injuries may cause you to miss work and could interrupt your daily activities for several weeks. You need someone like us on your side. 

​If you have been seriously injured, Barker Law Group can help.  We know how to deal with auto insurance companies to ensure that you are properly compensated for your injuries and other issues that arise from major accidents and harm caused by the negligent acts of another.

​Personal injury cases involve applicable “tort laws,” which protect people like you.  We will file a claim and actively fight to pursue damages on your behalf. Barker Law Group will work hard to obtain necessary information and evidence  to resolve your case.

Sometimes, these cases can be settled without the need for trial. However, we will not hesitate to take your case to court if a fair settlement is not offered and/or certain circumstances support a need for a trial.  ​

​​The bottom line is that an attorney’s assistance can be crucial to obtaining just compensation. Therefore, you should consult with us or another law firm immediately. 

After I've been in an accident, when should I hire a lawyer? 

​After a terrible accident, you should hire a lawyer to fight for you immediately. First, a good attorney will help to prevent crucial evidence from being lost or destroyed. Secondly,  the at-fault driver's insurance company will immediately begin preparing to litigate against you.  They  will look for various ways to compensate you less than what you actually deserve for the harm you've suffered.

The other driver's insurance carrier called to ask for a statement. Should I speak with them?


No. The representative may appear to be very polite and courteous, but  they are not here to help you nor are they on your side. We recommend that you hire a lawyer to help respond to their requests for information.

I’m overwhelmed and suffering from what has happened to me. How quickly after my accident do I need to file a lawsuit?

There are statute of limitations issues that apply to most types of cases, which makes it mandatory for lawsuits to be filed within a certain time frame after an accident. It is best to consult an attorney right away--allowing you to devote your time to healing and getting well, which is most important.

The insurance company for the person or business responsible for my injuries is demanding that I sign a medical release form. What should I do?

Do not sign anything for an insurance company until you speak with an attorney. When claims are resolved, insurance carriers often require that you sign a release. However, signing a release before you have been made whole can impact your ability to recover anything.


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