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“Suffering a catastrophic event or losing a loved one due to the negligent acts of another is a difficult task to deal with on its own, and when the bills add up as legal issues arise, the stress is compounded even more. My family experienced wage loss and pain and suffering due to another’s recklessness first-hand. I remember gaining a disdain for the insurance industry because it was obvious that their primary objective was to minimize their risk and to maximize profits as opposed to fair compensation. Therefore, I knew early on that it was my calling to pursue justice for those injured. I take great pride in my efforts to ensure that the industry does not attempt to take advantage of you, especially in your most vulnerable and delicate time of need.” ~Jacques Alpacino Barker 


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Jacques Alpacino Barker

Mr. Barker is an Atlanta native. He earned his bachelors degree from the University of West...

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Our Mission

Striving to be the Gold Standard in Advocacy and Counsel

Our firm's mission is to provide you with the highest level of professional legal service. These are not just words as it is core to our personal values, which directly correlates toward the motivation and drive of every member of our staff. We are dedicated to obtaining justice from negligent parties that are responsible for your losses. Also, we are determined to acquire positive results for good people that deserve a second chance after a DUI arrest. We aim to protect you and your family's emotional well-being during stressful times.

We realize that your case is important and that the overall result could seriously have an affect on your life. That is why, we believe in being prepared, working hard and smart, and staying laser-focused on obtaining a favorable outcome. Our goal is to maintain close relationships with our clients by providing quality service.

Most of our satisfaction comes from earning your trust and effectively helping to resolve your case. We believe in aggressively handling your case but also practicing law the right way, which includes treating every person with dignity and respect. Ultimately, it is our mission to be the "gold" standard in advocacy and counsel as we continuously strive to be recognized in the legal community as one of the top Georgia firms known for excellence.  


Roderick R. Jones - Of Counsel

Mr. Jones earned his bachelors degree from  Brown University...

Van C. Armstrong - Of Counsel

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Travis O. Foreman - Of Counsel

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Your Trusted Friend, Advocate, and Counsel 


Barker Law Group, LLC. is an Atlanta, Georgia, law firm committed to zealous legal representation and counsel. We handle tragic cases of wrongful death and personal injury with professionalism, compassion, and integrity while keeping our client’s best interest at heart. We take the time to fully comprehend every client’s unique legal issue in concert with their rights, circumstances, and goals to aggressively litigate towards a successful recovery and customer satisfaction. Our communication lines are always open and we contact our clients habitually to update them on their personal case statuses and what they should expect as the case moves forward. 

Additionally, the firm represents clients in criminal and DUI cases because we believe in affording good people with the opportunity of a second chance when the stakes are high. In many cases of DUI, we recognize that certain situations  involve legitimate defenses that may prevent one from losing gainful employment or the ability to drive to work. Therefore, we advocate zealously for our clients. 

We are deeply vested in ensuring that justice prevails throughout the great state of Georgia. Therefore, we aim to be an active part of every community in the state’s 159 counties as your loyal neighborhood friend, advocate, and counsel to navigate what can be a difficult legal process.